The vision of the study program is to prepare its students to be dynamic, progressive, and qualified practioners  in implementing accounting.


  1. To make   competent and professional practitioners in accountancy.
  2. To make highly competent practioners in accountancy  who are easily adopt to working environment and changes in science and technology
  3. To increase the quality of lecturers in science and technology.
  4. To carry out education, research, and public service in accountancy.


  1. To attain a qualified education and teaching with the aim of highly-competent graduates in accountancy.
  2. To attain a number of qualified researches with the aim of accounting practice and development.
  3. To empower society in accounting and information technology practices through workshop activity
  4. To Manage facilities and infrastructures well and transparently.
  5. To establish a network to increase lecturers’ competence